The Company Kickstarting Specialty Instant Coffee: A VIDEO

For many of us, the ritual of making specialty coffee is part of the magic. The beauty of watching coffee slowly drip through the filter paper, the knowledge that it’s been extracted at the perfect ratio, the thrill of knowing that it will be ready in precisely one minute and 45 seconds…

Unless, of course, it’s Monday morning, you woke up late, and you have a nightmare meeting first thing. Or you’re packing for a weekend away and you can’t fit both your gooseneck kettle and your Chemex in the overnight bag.

It’s a shame that we can’t combine the deliciousness of specialty coffee with the convenience of instant. Or can we?

Voilá are Kickstarting what they describe as “specialty instant coffee” for those of that love good coffee but don’t always have the time or ability to make a pour over every day of the week. It takes coffee from roasters across the US, brews it while it’s still fresh, and then freeze-dries it into a crystallised form.

Feature photo credit: Voilá

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